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July 23, 2005

Color War Stats

"Today, less than a month before the planned evacuation, public opinion polls show that two-thirds of Israelis support the Gaza withdrawal," boasts Uri Avnery, head of the fringe left Gush Shalom organization, in an Op-Ed yesterday in the International Herald Tribune ("Israel's war of the colors").

Polls? In other words more than one? And do any polls turn up difference results?

A quick survey shows that Avnery cited the one poll that suited his needs, and ignored all this rest.

Thus, a June 29 poll carried out by Dahaf and printed in Yediot Achronot on July 1 showed that 62 percent of Israelis support the disengagement and 31 percent oppose it. So, Avnery is vindicated, right?

Not so fast. Unfortunately for him, a number of other polls have a much lower figure for disengagement support, at just over 50 percent.

1) A June 29 Shvakim Panorama poll found that 53.4 percent support the disengagement plan and 40.2 percent are opposed.

2) A June 28 Telesker poll published July 1 in Ma'ariv founnd 54 percent favor disengagement and 34 oppose it.

3) The June Peace Index of the Tami Steinmetz Center for Peace Research at Tel Aviv University found that 54 percent of Israelis support the plan, and 41 percent are opposed.

4) A July 20 poll by Maagar Mochot (Brain Base) for Israel Radio's "Another Matter" found that 52 percent support the disengagement and 30 percent are opposed.

There's nothing like reporting the facts selectively to make your political point.

On a separate but related matter, Avnery makes the absurd statement that:

While almost all of the orange faction fly their ribbons proudly from the antennas atop their cars, many of the blues hang theirs lower, from the side mirror or door handle, where they are less conspicuous.

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