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July 20, 2005

Canadian Justice Minister: Israel is Singled Out

Canadian Justice Minister Irwin Cotler spoke to the Jerusalem Post about the tendency to single out and apply different standards to Israel. He possibly was speaking of the international community, but he could just as well have been referring to media coverage:

"The Canadian government has spoken out on the equality of human rights and the rule of law. [We say that] Israel, like any other country, must be held accountable for any violation of international humanitarian law. But the problem is not that Israel should be held accountable for the law – the problem is that Israel, at times, is being singled out and denied equality before the law," he said.

"The problem is not [saying] that human rights standards should be applied to Israel; they should be. The problem is that these standards must be applied equally to everyone else. The rights of Israel among the nations deserve equal respect."

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