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May 03, 2005

Palestinian Terror Attacks on Rise as Revolving Door Policy Continues

As Israeli leader Ariel Sharon prepares to evacuate Jews from the Gaza Strip and the Palestinian leader is reported to be cracking down on terror, the Israeli media reports an increase in terrorist attacks in April.

A 54 percent increase in terror attacks was noted from March to April, with 205 attacks counted in April, as opposed to 133 in the previous month.

Hamas terrorists launching rockets

The most notable change was in the amount of mortars fired at Israeli targets, an increase from 10 in March to 67 in April.

Meanwhile, no sooner does the international media report that Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas is cracking down on Palestinian terrorism...

Palestinian police have arrested two Hamas Islamic militants on their way to fire rockets into Israel after a gunfight in the Gaza Strip, the Palestinian Authority said on Tuesday.

...than the revolving door policy of prisoner release continues:

Palestinian police released a Hamas rocket squad operative Tuesday, despite a pledge to get tough with those who break a non-formal cease-fire with Israel.

Same old, same old...

Posted by RH at May 3, 2005 11:01 AM