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May 20, 2005

Free Pass from Britain

TS commented yesterday on the free pass given to Palestinian terror, often coupled with criticism leveled at Israel's response to the same terror.

The Independent, a British daily, provides another example of this phenomenon. (hat tip M. Segal)

"Israeli missile attack endangers truce," announced a headline assigned to a story about Wednesday's violence.

Again, the first paragraph of the story shows how inappropriate (i.e. biased against Israel) the headline is:

A four-month-old Middle East truce came under renewed strain yesterday as an Israel missile attack killed a Palestinian militant after a barrage of mortar attacks on Jewish settlements in Gaza.

Yet it's the missile strike, and not the mortars, which is described as endangering the truce.

Footage of the missile strike, released by the IDF, makes the absurdity of this headline even more clear. Click here to see it. (The footage shows Hamas terrorists firing round after round of mortars towards Israeli villages. An Israeli missile eventually stops them before they succeed at killing any civilians.)

Palestinians carrying mortar rounds

Posted by GI at May 20, 2005 09:13 AM