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May 17, 2005

Christian Science Monitor Falls Prey to Miller's Mistake

An earlier entry dealt with an erroneous claim in an L.A. Times op-ed by Aaron David Miller. Miller wrongly stated that Israeli Arabs are "without access to military or national service."

Funeral for Israeli Druze soldier Samer Hussein in Hurfesh, Israel. Hussein was killed at the Erez crossing in the Gaza Strip. (Yaron Kaninsky/AP Photo)

As first noted in Mediacrity, the Christian Science Monitor published the same op-ed on May 17, and with it, the error.

The Monitor should know better. The paper itself ran a feature covering mourning in the Israeli Arab town for their own Sgt.-Maj. Grifat, killed while serving in Gaza. The Nov. 19, 2002 piece by Nicole Gaouette explores the status of Israeli Arabs and discusses in detail their service in the military:

As Arab citizens of Israel, the villagers aren't required to serve in the army. They go by choice....

Almost every family in the village has a member in the local military

A soldier from the village [Omar Souad] was kidnapped by the Shiite Muslim group in October 2000 and is still missing...."

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