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May 02, 2005

Updated: AUT Boycott Leader's "Link" to Anti-Semitism

Update: Blackwell has since removed the offending link from her Web site.

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Sue Blackwell, one of the main proponents of the AUT boycott of Israeli universities, claims that she does not link from her Web site to any sites that promote racism. Jerusalem Post correspondent Yaakov Lappin exposes this as false, pointing out Blackwell's links to the MarWen Media Web site, which he says is run by "an anti-Semitic neo-Nazi activist," Wendy Campbell.

A look at Campbell's Web site makes clear that these charges are not spurious:

(This is only a partial list of disturbing statements by Campbell on her Web site)

Zionists also push and often succeed for Jewish supremacy in many areas of American politics, media and culture to serve their narrow interests, often at the expense of non-Jewish Americans. American Zionist Jews tend to place their first loyalty to Israel, over and above any loyalty to America. ...

By the way, Hanukkah is a minor holiday in the Jewish religion, yet it has been elevated by Zionist Jews in order to compete and even at times to dominate over the most holy day for Christians, the holiday of Christmas, a time that is now simply referred to as “The Holidays�.

Zionist Jews relentlessly seek to promote programs to educate Americans about their version of the Holocaust, which by the way, claimed many non-Jewish victims including the ones who gave their lives to end the war although this is not emphasized by Zionists. As they seek to bring Jewish culture to mainstream America, Zionists often display insensitivity if not hostility towards others’ religions, including Christianity, as well as others’ nationalities, in particular for example, Germans, Austrians and all Arabs.

Jewish Dominance On Street Signs
Another example of Zionist hegemony over mainstream America in Miami could be seen in the street signs. Many streets such as 12th Street, 15th Street. 16th Street or 20th Street had Jewish names over them, such as Abe Resnick, Bernard Horowitz and Irving Meyer. Abe Resnick is on the board of the Holocaust Memorial in Miami, by the way. We saw no other names over South Beach Miami street signs besides Jewish names—no Hispanic names, not even English names.

... The compelling question is this: if it is true as the Zionists’ claim that there were six million Jews killed during the Holocaust under Hitler during WWII, then why has there been no complete central compilation of the victims’ names? Surely, with all the research and Holocaust “scholarship�, along with the claims and litigation that came in for compensation and reparations from Germany, Switzerland and other European countries, along with the aid of modern computers, there must be a central database with all of the names of the victims. But apparently, to the best of our knowledge, there is not. Why not? Could it be that Zionists know that such a compilation would possibly come up far shorter than six million Jewish victims? Could it be that this would lead to an open discussion of all the claims that Zionists make about the Holocaust? Could it be that this would lead to the lifting of the taboo against questioning Zionist claims about the Holocaust? Although we all know the Holocaust was a heinous occurrence in history, the Zionists insist that it is the worst occurrence in all history of mankind in their own chauvinistic, ethnocentric fashion, when in actuality, any genocidal, ethnic cleansing of any people is equally abhorrent, and that applies to what the Zionists are now supporting in Israel against the non-Jewish Palestinians who are the indigenous people of the Holy Land.

[Note: I have discovered that there is one database with the names of victims of the Holocaust at the largest Holocaust museum in the world. It’s the one in Israel, and it apparently has 3 million names, not 6 million names.]

At one point in this article, Campbell criticises a Miami museum placard, accompanying a Nazi poster on display, for not bashing Jews like the poster does:

The Role of Jews in the Bolshevik Revolution Airbrushed Away

...We found one poster that was printed in 1942 in the Nazi-occupied Netherlands to be especially interesting. The text read “BOLSJEWISME IS MOORD!� which translates, according to the placard beside it, as “BOLSHEVISM IS MURDER!�. However, there was no reference to the fact that the letters “J-E-W� were inserted into the word or why it was. It’s something that most people would most likely not notice. Most people don’t have a clue about the fact that Jews were prominent leaders in the Bolshevik revolution in Russia. Was this omission an oversight or further evidence of the unwritten rule against offending certain powerful sensibilities?

The placard explained how the poster graphically featured the horrors of a young girl raped, a man tortured and murdered, and Christianity under attack, as shown in the shattered crucifix on the ground, committed at the hands of the Bolsheviks. This was designed by the Nazi Germans to play on the Europeans’ anxiety of the savageness of Red Army of the Communist Soviet Union. What is interesting is that, just like in the overall American and European discourse, the role of Jews, many of whom were leaders in the brutal Bolshevik Communist Soviet Union, has been airbrushed out of history, just like it was deleted out of the placard at the museum, even while staring you in the face from the poster. In fact, a couple of top German politicians were recently publicly admonished for making a public reference to the significant role that Jews played during the Bolshevik Revolution and Communist Soviet Union.

WE BELIEVE that there should be "affirmative action" in the media world, specifically with regards to having more reporters and owners of media outlets who are more representative of the widely diverse backgrounds of the majority of Americans. As it is, the representation of those who are Jewish Americans / Israeli-Americans reporting in US media, especially with regards to US foreign policy, is hugely disproportionate to their percentage of the US population. We don't believe that is an accident, and we also believe that perhaps it is time to pass laws that require US media be more representational of its diverse population.

About the rise in terrorist attacks across the world, Campbell asserts that some

may in fact be Israeli "false flag" operations designed to increase anti-Muslim sentiment

She laments that

Jewish donors and activists (not to mention party bosses and a disproportionate number of candidates) basically comprise the new Democratic establishment. On the Republican side we’ve seen the emergence of Christian Zionists who, while lacking the political savvy and strategic thinking of their Jewish counterparts, compensate for this deficit by sheer numbers.

...and then procedes to give a partial list of the Jewish members of congress.

She adds:

Speaking of ‘fear’, consider these contemporary American customs: while it’s acceptable to discuss the “Jewish vote� in mainstream media, real Jewish influence comes not from their miniscule numbers (Jews allegedly comprise no more than 3% of the U.S. electorate) but from Jewish wealth, solidarity, determination and position. This extraordinary phenomenon (unless it’s being debunked) is altogether off limits for analysis. Expect CBS (or NBC-ABC-CNN-FOX) to run another “white supremacists meet in Idaho� segment, or air a story about the Vatican’s ‘failure to speak out� during The Holocaust, long before this disturbing political fact is ever even acknowledged.

Among our governing elites, this Judeo-centric worldview is so prevalent that the failure to pledge unconditional allegiance to Israel virtually assures political oblivion. ...

Why should it be of no interest that so many American editors, publishers, producers and opinion-makers (Thomas Friedman, Mort Zuckerman, Charles Krauthammer Marty Peretz, David Frum, and Bill Safire, to name a just a few) qualify for Israeli citizenship?

("Qualify for Israeli citizenship" is Campbell's way of saying that they are Jewish)

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