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May 19, 2005

AP Finally Covers (Palestinian Response to) Anti-Semitic Sermon

Almost a full week after Sheik Ibrahim Mudeiris' virulently anti-Semitic sermon was broadcast on official PA television, the Associated Press finally joined Reuters in belatedly covering the incident.

Apparently, a broadcast to the Palestinian people calling Israel a "cancer," the Jews a "virus resembling AIDS," and encouraging Muslims to "finish off every Jew" is not newsworthy in and of itself.

It seems that only when a Palestinian minister speaks out against the incident — only when the AP can run a story showing the PA "taking its strongest stand yet against anti-Semitic incitement" — does the wire service take notice.

That the American people are finally being told about the incident is a good thing. The fact that the AP and Reuters didn't cover the story until it was possible to describe the "conciliatory move" of the supposed PA crackdown, however, raises some troubling questions.

Ibrahim Mudeiris during his May 13, 2005 sermon

Posted by GI at May 19, 2005 10:43 AM