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April 20, 2005

More on Columbia University

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The Columbia Spectator ran an op-ed in which human rights major Deena Guzder falsely accuses Israel of "slaughtering" Arabs in Jenin, a lie debunked by the UN .

Jacobs revealed his real bone of contention with Columbia when he stated, “The Dirks Committee simply evades the main issue: how to deal with the teaching of lies and propaganda by Arabist professors who so demonize Israel that defenders of the Jewish state find themselves in a hostile environment in their classes.” Let’s pause to decipher Jacob’s highly charged language. Jacobs equates teaching students that the Jews slaughtered Arabs in Jenin to “blood libel, anti-Semitic provocation, deception, and Arabist propaganda.” Dozens of human rights groups have documented the Jenin killings. This is simply an outrageous inversion of reality.

The article serves as an extended attack on Charles Jacobs, the founder of the David Project. In her apparent overzealousness to suggest Jacobs is a racist, the Ivy League student points to his use of the word "Arabist" instead "Arab."

Furthermore, Jacobs uses the term “Arabist” opposed to “Arab” without explanation (his term conveniently rhymes with “terrorist”)...

It is surprising that a Columbia student would not recognize the term "Arabist." Perhaps the "human rights" major should consult the dictionary before she writes her next column.

Ar·ab·ist n.

1. A specialist in the Arabic language or culture.

2. One who is favorably disposed toward Arab concerns and policies.

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