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April 01, 2005

Child Terrorists

P.W. Singer, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, wrote in USA Today about child soldiers around the world ("Tragic challenge of child soldiers," March 31). Calling the phenomenon "the world's largest, but least understood, case of child abuse," he acknowledged that Palestinian terrorist groups are involved in this abuse:

Groups such as Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad have pulled children into the terrorism game. More than 30 suicide bombings since 2000, according to Time magazine, have been carried out by children ...

Singer deserves credit for not whitewashing Palestinian terror as others sometimes do. It may be that space constraints prevented Singer from probing deeper, but to help readers better understand the child abuse in the Gaza Strip and West Bank, they could have been told about government-sanctioned incitement in the Palestinian Authority.

As CAMERA's Deborah Passner wrote in a St. Petersburg Times op-ed:

The PA’s relentless incitement campaign employing television, newspapers, summer camps, textbooks, and rallies to foment hatred of Jews, and to encourage violence and "martyrdom" is strictly forbidden under the 1989 Convention on the Rights of the Child..." (November 16, 2002)

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