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February 09, 2005

Checkpoints—"Terrible", Suicide Bombers—No Comment

On Monday night's NBC Nightly News, reporter Martin Fletcher commented on the atmosphere leading up to the Sharm El-Sheik summit between Ariel Sharon and Mahmoud Abbas.

He made some valid points... but his introductory remarks were noticeably unbalanced.

Fletcher described Israeli checkpoints as "those terrible security measures." He also added that the Palestinians see those security measures as "miserable."

What adjective does the reporter assign to Palestinian suicide bombings? None.

Well, it certainly looks promising. Both sides say they agree to a cease-fire tomorrow. The Palestinians say that they'll stop all of those suicide bombs and bomb attacks against the Israelis. And the Israelis say they'll stop all military operations against the Palestinians and also that they'll lift those terrible security measures that the Palestinians have found so miserable over the years, especially including the checkpoints. [emphasis added]

There is no doubt that Israeli security measures have been a nuisance to many Palestinians. But that Fletcher sees these Israeli attempts to prevent terror as more reprehensible than murderous suicide bombings is, to use one mild adjective, wrong.

Posted by GI at February 9, 2005 03:25 PM