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June 17, 2020

Haaretz Applies Inconsistent Standards to NGOs

A news story in Haaretz's English edition yesterday applied a double standard in its treatment of NGOs ("Fearing structural collapse, Israel halts dig in East Jerusalem," page 3, and online here.)

Nir Hasson's online article cited the "right-wing, settler Elad Association." Similarly, the print edition mentions "the right-wing Elad Association."

Elad rightwing settler.jpg

In contrast, when the article mentioned "The archeological group Emek Shaveh" it did not identify the organization as "left-wing" even though it has a clear left-wing agenda. Why the double standard?


If the political leanings of one organization is mentioned, then the leanings of the opposing organization should also be mentioned. Alternatively, if Emek Shaveh's political inclinations aren't mentioned, then why insert Elad's?

Nir Hasson's Hebrew article does not include political descriptions of either organization.

See also, "Haaretz, Lost in Translation"

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