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November 19, 2018

More Hypocrisy and Anti-Semitism From Linda Sarsour


In an earlier CAMERA exposé, we pointed out the self-serving allegiances and disgraceful hypocrisy of Linda Sarsour (of Women's March fame). We demonstrated how she poses as a universal activist who embraces all marginalized people while excluding those minorities whose views do not totally align with hers; she poses as a black and Muslim feminist,while trying to silence other black and Muslim feminists who expose oppression against women; she poses as an opponent of anti-Semitism and a proponent of racial justice who fights for Palestinian national self-determination, while denying Jews the same right; she demands free speech for herself and for her BDS campaign, while shutting down the free speech of anyone who disagrees with her.

In her latest example of hypocritical anti-Semitism, she attacks as Israel-firsters those progressive American Jews who exercise their democratic and free speech rights by criticizing BDS-supporter and politician Ilhan Omar. Sarsour turns truth on its head by accusing them of "put[ting] allegiance to Israel over democracy and free speech" merely because they disagree with positions expressed by Omar.


Of course, when Palestinian-American Rashida Tlaib danced with a Palestinian flag, rather than an American flag at her victory party following her election to Congress, Sarsour made no such accusations of her compatriot being a "Palestinian-firster" or placing other allegiances over her American allegiance.

In short, there is no better personification of hypocrisy than "Linda Sarsour"!

Posted by RH at November 19, 2018 11:44 AM


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