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May 21, 2018

Are Gaza Gunmen "Protesters"? NY Times Refuses to Say

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After repeatedly insisting that "Israeli soldiers killed 60 protesters" during clashes last Monday, May 14, the New York Times is refusing to clarify whether its count of supposed protesters includes the eight armed Hamas fighters who, according to the Israeli army, opened fire on on Israeli soldiers.

A Times article first published on May 15 reports that 60 Gazans were killed during the classes, attributing that number to Palestinian officials. It goes on to say that, according to the Israeli army, "eight of the dead … were armed Hamas militants in civilian clothes who tried to storm the fence in northern Gaza and attacked Israeli forces with grenades and pipe bombs before being killed in a shootout" while another three were killed "while laying an explosive device." So far so good.

But if at least 11 of those killed were reportedly armed fighters engaged in hostilities, why do subsequent New York Times pieces claim that "60 protesters" were killed that day?

When CAMERA asked about this apparent misuse of language, the Times insisted that its reporting on the events is accurate. When asked to clarify whether that means its reporters concluded, contrary to Israel's assertion, that none of the 60 killed were in fact shooting at Israelis or planting explosives, or if not whether it means the newspaper feels comfortable describing armed militants among the 60 dead as "protesters," editors declined to comment.

It's a straightforward question, and it should be forthrightly answered. The New York Times promises to treat readers it "as openly as possible." Other journalistic codes of ethics consider accountability to be a core ethical guideline. The Society of Professional Journalists code, for example, says journalists should "clarify and explain news coverage and invite dialogue with the public over journalistic conduct."

It's not asking too much to request some transparency on a narrow and straightforward question about the paper's reporting on the 60 "protesters." And by refusing to clarify, the newspaper looks as though it has something to hide. Why?

May 25 Update: A New York Times editor has told CAMERA that that it is accurate and appropriate to describe Hamas gunmen that opened fire on Israeli soldiers as "protesters."

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One New York Times headline last week was totally misleading. The NY Times headline was “Israel Kills Dozens at Gaza Border as U.S. Embassy Opens in Jerusalem�?

Senator Ted Cruz Said it best in response to this.

“In these battles for survival that Israel faces daily, we can count on global media elites acting as little more than propaganda arms for Hamas and other terrorists,�? Cruz said Thursday.

“I direct you to the front page of the New York Times from this week. The New York Times’headline, ‘Israel Kills Dozens at Gaza Border as U.S. Embassy Opens in Jerusalem’. Now anyone reading this headline [might think] - ‘Goodness gracious. Why are the Israelis murdering people?’ That’s what the New York Times says. One takes from the coverage apparently poor, innocent, unarmed people are being shot for no reason by Israel. That’s certainly what the global media elite are portraying.�?

“What are the actual facts? You remember facts. The things that used to be reported when journalists were actually being journalists and not propagandists. Well let’s talk about the facts.�?

Posted by: Dan Livni [TypeKey Profile Page] at May 21, 2018 11:12 PM

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