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April 03, 2018

UPDATED: Reuters Corrects on Israel's Capital

UPDATED: In response to CAMERA's request, Reuters corrected an error about Israel's capital.

Original blog post: Reuters has fallen into the same trap as some other irresponsible media outlets that refer to Tel Aviv as Israel's capital and/or seat of government. It demonstrates at best an ignorance of the geography of the countries being covered and at worst a political bias that twists facts to dismiss Israel's capital city of Jerusalem. In a story about Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed's acknowledgement of a Jewish right to self-determination in Israel, Reuters refers to the rapprochement between Riyadh and "Tel Aviv" to denote the seats of government of Saudi Arabia and Israel. Below is a screenshot:

Reuters-Saudi Prince 1a.jpg

CAMERA has previously prompted numerous corrections of this journalistic error in other publications and has contacted Reuters to correct.

Reuters editors have responded that they regret the error and have corrected it. The correction now refers to "the two countries" rather than "Riyadh and Tel Aviv." Below is a screenshot of the corrected copy:

Reuters-Saudi Prince 2.jpg

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