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October 15, 2017

Imaginary BDS Demon Gets Haaretz Photo Editor

Oct. 17 Update: Haaretz Prints Correction on BDS Activists That Weren't

In his Oct. 13 column ("Exorcising an imaginary BDS demon"), Haaretz's David Rosenberg argues that the anti-Israel BDS (boycott, divest, sanctions) movement is an "imaginary demon." As the subheadline puts it: "Israel isn't under any threat from boycott movement, but fighting a phony BDS war is too tempting for many to pass up. Even, [sic] the U.S. Congress has been enlisted in the fight."

In addition to the U.S. Congress, it seems that a Haaretz photo editor has also been taken in by the phony BDS demon, imagining BDS activists where there are none. Thus, the photo caption accompanying the article in the print edition (page 14) stated: "Israel supporters separated by a police barrier from BDS activists at a New York parade."

BDS demons.jpg

But the "BDS activists" are actually anti-BDS activists, as made clear in the original Associated Press caption.

AP NY paradeanti-BDS.jpg

Haaretz's digital edition got it right, correctly identifying the demonstrators as anti-BDS activists.

NY paradedigitalanti-BDS.jpg

CAMERA has contacted Haaretz to request a correction. Stay tuned for an update.

Hat tip: LDS

Posted by TS at October 15, 2017 06:34 AM


Jeffrey Goldberg of the Atlantic details how Neo Nazis love Haaretz.

Posted by: Barry Meridian at October 16, 2017 02:07 AM

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