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January 05, 2017

Free Speech Crackdown on the Temple Mount


The Palestinians are trying to change history by outlawing the term "Temple Mount."

First they simply denied that there had ever been any Jewish Temples on the Temple Mount.

Then they sent out media advisories to journalists telling them that the term "Temple Mount" was illegitimate.

They brought resolutions to UNESCO that verbally erased the term "Temple Mount" and described it only in Muslim terms.

And now they've cracked down on an archaeologist who used the term during a tour he guided for university students on the Temple Mount. As the Jerusalem Post reports:

Jerusalem Prize winner and Temple Mount Sifting Project cofounder Dr. Gabriel Barkay said he was guiding an interfaith group of 22 undergraduates from UCLA when he was interrupted by an Arab guard for making the seemingly innocuous reference.

“I was lecturing about the history of the Temple Mount to the students, some of whom were Muslim and Christian, and one of the Wakf guards tried to listen to my explanations, and when he heard the words ‘Temple Mount,’ he got upset,�? Barkay said.

The guard then consulted with nearby police officers stationed on the compound, who told Barkay to cease using the term for the duration of the visit.

What next? Will they burn all books that mention the Temple Mount? Destroy all historical accounts?

Read more about the battle over Jerusalem and the Temple Mount here.

Posted by rh at January 5, 2017 01:34 PM


While I salute Israel for trying to establish good will & maintain the peace by giving daily control of the Temple Mount to the Waqf I disagree with the decision. On the rare occasion Jews are allowed to visit the Temple Mount the Waqf watch for the slightest hint of religous behaviour which is not allowed by non Muslims. That said Dr. Barkay should have been better prepared prior for his visit. The good Dr should have known that Waqf strictness includes obedience to Muslim terminology. He's fortunate not to have been expelled.

Posted by: Lucy Robinson at January 23, 2017 11:58 PM

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