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January 24, 2017

CAMERA Featured Letter-Writer

After CAMERA researcher Gilead Ini highlighted the New York Times' double standard with respect to Israel in an article in The Tower, letter-writer D. Lubinsky sent the following to that newspaper:

Dear NY Times,

In recent articles you refer to "occupied Palestinian territory" rather than "disputed land" or even "occupied West Bank." Why does the Times use such distorted terms against Israel and no other country?

You don't talk of Kashmir as "occupied Pakistani territory" or "occupied Cyprus" or "occupied Cypriot territory" for the Turkish controlled part of the island, nor use analogous terms on Tibet, Kurdistan, Western Sahara ...

How long will it take the NY Times to stop its singling out of Israel? There never was a Palestinian state in the West Bank and when Jordan controlled that land till 1967, it did not talk of it as Palestinian territory. Moreover, Israel conquered it in a war of survival, and was prepared to hand it over to Palestinian leadership, if the latter were only prepared to agree to a peace that would end the conflict and allow a permanent Israel with definite boundaries.

In no other conflict, is so much bias directed at the party that was repeatedly attacked (namely Israel) over vitally strategic land, conquered in a war of survival, and that, if handed to implacable foes, would lead not to peace, but to more attacks - as stated openly by Palestinian leaders. How long will it take the NY Times to live up to a semblance of fairness?

D. Lubinsky

Posted by kabe at January 24, 2017 01:07 PM


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