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September 02, 2015

Take That Bibi. Tweets PBS Anchor Gwen Ifill

gwen ifill tweet.JPG

Gloating over the news today that there is enough support for the Iran nuclear agreement to avert any Senate override of an Obama veto, Gwenn Ifill, PBS Newshour anchorwoman and moderator of Washington Week, tweeted:

Take that, Bibi

Bibi, of course, is Benjamin Netanyahu, to whom the citizens of Israel have entrusted their security by voting to have him serve as Prime Minister three times.

While there is legitimate debate over Prime Minister Netanyahu's gloomy assessment of the agreement, all who care about Israel's future share his concern over whether the agreement will impede or aid Iran in its pursuit of nuclear weapons. The Islamic Republic's leaders have repeatedly promised to annihilate the Jewish state.

There is no doubt that Netanyahu's opposition to the Iran nuclear agreement is based on his firm conviction that the agreement seriously jeopardizes the future of the eight million Israelis.

Gwenn Ifill does not merely mock Netanyahu; because he represents the citizens of the state of Israel, the world's only Jewish state, she taunts every Israeli and every Jew who dreads what Iran might do if the agreement turns out to be as flawed as its detractors claim.

Ifill earns her living on taxpayer supported public television. PBS newshour and Washington Week are generously funded by many foundations. Washington Week lists Prudential, Newman's Own and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting [CPB] as major donors. Along with CPB and PBS, Newshour lists the following sponsors:

Adrienne Arsht
S. D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation
David & Faten Black Foundation
The California Wellness Foundation
Carnegie Corporation of New York
Doris Duke Charitable Foundation
Consuelo Duroc-Danner
Ford Foundation
J. Paul Getty Trust
The Gilchrist Foundation
Gruber Family Foundation
William and Flora Hewlett Foundation
Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation
The Kresge Foundation
The Lemelson Foundation
Lumina Foundation
John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
Howard & Abby Milstein Foundation
Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation
National Endowment for the Arts
National Science Foundation
John and Wendy Neu Family Foundation
Nicholas B. Ottaway Foundation
David and Lucile Packard Foundation
Park Foundation
Poetry Foundation
The Rockefeller Foundation
Roger and Vicki Sant
Tom and Laurie Saylak
The SCAN Foundation
Skoll Foundation
Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
George and Camilla Smith
The Starr Foundation
Judy and Josh Weston
James Wolfensohn

Posted by SS at September 2, 2015 01:42 PM


I now see that Gwen Ifill is emulating the career progression of Juan Williams by broadcasting her personal feelings when she is a public/ PBS employee. I also see that she is incapable of reporting the news as it is without injecting her PERSONAL feelings. PBS should be ashamed it employs such "loose cannons", and Ms. Ifill has in effect displayed her role as a liberal cheerleader of an inept administration.

Posted by: Jeff at September 2, 2015 05:27 PM

Now PBS joins its sister company NPR in grossly inappropriate behavior with respect to Israel. Both draw heavily on public funding and, accordingly, should avoid bias.
To retain their credibility -- and any future donations from me -- Ms Ifill should be censured or fired!

Posted by: Mike Winkelman at September 3, 2015 10:55 AM

Sad that Ms Ifill felt the comment appropriate.

Posted by: Jan at September 3, 2015 11:26 AM

Unprofessional. Ifill should be disciplined for this.

Posted by: Sheldon Dan at September 3, 2015 01:16 PM

I maintained yesterday, and still maintain, that Ifill was attributing that thinking to the State Department, which had appropriated Netanyahu's "famous bomb graphic" to make their own case. As she noted in a later tweet, the Iran Deal isn't about Netanyahu (or the lack of collegiality between him and our own Administration - which is obviously, at the very least, a two-way street, if not in large measure Netanyahu's own dang fault.) As she noted, it shouldn't be about Netanyahu. But use of the bomb graphic could well be seen as *making it about Netanyahu.*

She was not herself poking fun at Netanyahu, or goading him, or gloating about "getting what she wanted." But predictably, the frenzied right-wing twittersphere descended to accuse her of just that, and call for her head. =/

Posted by: Selina at September 3, 2015 01:24 PM

I am amazed at the guote above about not posting anything racist or bigoted, and that's exactly what Ifill just did herself. I am withdrawing all support from PBS.. You Ms. Ifill are filled with hate and yet this blog claims to be moderate. The God of Israel will deal with all those who curse Israel. God bless you Mr. Netanyahu!!!!! You are a man of courage and integrity and the Lord himself will take care of Iran and protect you. Do not worry about this corrupt government of the U.S. Not all of us are like the haters of this blog

Posted by: Marla at September 3, 2015 01:32 PM

My response to all the biased news casters that dont report the truth but only what they want you to know is, in the words, " can't fix stupid". I guess all you learned in school about jourlism didn't stick!!!!

Posted by: Abe at September 3, 2015 02:54 PM

How would Ifill like it if someone called for the destruction of Blacks like Iran is calling for the destruction of Israel and Jews?
PBS shows how dis-functional they are and it shows second class journalism at it's worst. If Obama were white, would the deal be so appealing to Ifill? BiBi has forgotten more than Gwen ever knew.

Posted by: Peter at September 3, 2015 03:14 PM

It's happened again. Every time we start to reconsider our decision NOT to support PBS because of their demonstrated bias and lack of balanced reporting about Israel, someone they employ manages to say or do something like this. You never now what attitudes lurk beneath the professional media veneer until someone slips up.

Posted by: Carol at September 3, 2015 03:23 PM

This is a moderated blog. We will not post comments that include racism, bigotry, threats, or factually inaccurate material.

You just did.

Posted by: Rick at September 3, 2015 03:37 PM

I agree that this is very un-professional to include emotional "stick that in your ear" style reactions. My only wish is to be able to see her face when the truth is revealed. It is with great sadness that the left has continued to act as children, stomping around pouting and screaming not fair for years. It has killed this country and made it near un-inhabitable. This nation has tolerance for everything except God or anything associated with him. That is the only thing that ever made this country great, take the words off the money, it's only a formality now.

Posted by: J.C. at September 3, 2015 04:06 PM

What has actually been accomplished is that after 70 years of trying to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons is that we and the UN have legitimize it by giving Iran permission to go nuclear at the conclusion of the agreement in 2025.

Its now open season for anyone to go nuclear.

Posted by: Gerry Moskowitz at September 3, 2015 04:34 PM

I have had my doubts about PBS objective reporting. You have confirmed the allegation that PBS presents opinions as much as FOX news. I know now to filter your reporting, however much I have trusted you and PBS. I no longer think I am getting facts without editing for a particular viewpoint.

Posted by: jacob t. chachkes at September 3, 2015 05:26 PM

Its been well known for a long time now that PBS news has become a shill for the left. Balanced presentation of the news or analysis ended years ago. Gwen is a treasure. She reflect what PBS is all about. The only problem is that its not supposed to be that way. But I do no know if there is anything you can do about it unless federal dollars are involved. The country suffers from the fact there is no balanced presentation of news or analysis anywhere to heard or seen. The days of Fred Friendly left a generation ago.

Posted by: don gotshalk at September 3, 2015 07:10 PM

Only deep seated blind antisemitism and bigotry could lead Gwen Ifill @gewnifill to write such a tweet. Do we really want to use the taxpayers' dollars to allow bigots to spew their hatred? Do the contributors believe inciting hatred is the best use of their dollars?

Posted by: Henry Chmielnicki at September 4, 2015 09:24 AM

I have always had great respect for PBS. I am 54 years old and remember growing up watching PBS as an education channel for children. My four children (now adults) were raised with PBS also. It is one of the best TV channels that I selected for my children through out their childhood. Gwen Ifill made an unprofessional statement, and most of all what example does this show children? No matter the difference of political views, as a part of professionalism, respect for leaders should always be the manner in which one should conduct themselves. In honesty, this type of behavior lowers the standards of excellence that PBS is known for in two generations of my family. PBS should uphold the excellent standards and well reputation as a program for children.

Posted by: Deborah at September 5, 2015 09:20 AM

Gwen expresses the opinion of many Jews and non-Jews who are American supporters of Israel. Netanyahu has been as offensive as possible toward us and her headline/comment is a precise, net statement of both fact and opinion. It appears that diplomacy is winning, war is postponed or averted, lives and treasure are saved -- all despite Netanyahu's efforts to have America, including American Jews, start a war for him.

Posted by: Bernie at September 5, 2015 03:35 PM

As a public employee, she needs to keep her opinions to herself.

Posted by: carole scharwatt at September 6, 2015 05:21 PM

Take that Gwen! You are just another talking head covering up a corrupt administration.

Obama & his minions gave Iran the go ahead to build the nuclear bombs that will strike Israel and America.

We have a selfie obsessed president and you, along with the main stream media, cover up his anti American actions
& share responsibility for funding terrorists.

Posted by: Ann Marcus at September 16, 2015 04:09 AM

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