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July 28, 2015

The Syria Deal Worked Out Great, So… Oh, Never Mind

In The Wall Street Journal, columnist Bret Stephens draws parallels between the failed international deal to eliminate Syria’s vast store of chemical weapons and the current deal on the table regarding Iran’s nuclear program.

In “The Syria Sham and the Iran Deal,�? Stephens writes:

Note the Journal’s Adam Entous and Naftali Bendavid in a deeply reported July 23 exposé that reveals as much about the sham disarmament process in Syria as it foretells about the sham we are getting with Iran.

Start with the formal terms under which inspectors were forced to operate. The deal specified that Syria would give inspectors access to its “declared�? chemical-weapons sites, much as Iran is expected to give U.N. inspectors unfettered access to its own declared sites. As for any undeclared sites, inspectors could request access provided they furnish evidence of their suspicions, giving the regime plenty of time to move, hide and deceive—yet another similarity with the Iran deal.

The agreement meant that inspectors were always playing by the regime’s rules, even as Washington pretended to dictate terms.


The CIA now admits that Syria retains significant quantities of its deadliest chemical weapons. When Mr. Obama announced the Syria deal, he warned that he would use military force in the event that Mr. Assad failed to honor his promises. The threat was hollow then. It is laughable now. What ties the Syrian sham to the Iranian one is an American president bent on conjuring political illusions at home at the expense of strategic facts abroad, his weakness apparent to everyone but himself.

Posted by SC at July 28, 2015 07:49 AM


Yes, but on the other hand, look at well the "food for no nukes" deal worked out with North Kroea

Posted by: Pogo Santayana at July 30, 2015 10:25 AM

I am uncertain, no I am certain I have no idea what Pogo's comment means.
I hope I may be clearer.
Obama does not care about substance. Obama is more concerned about slapping his name on some great event and he has been almost anxious to prove he was deserving of the Nobel Peace Prize, which was awarded without any cause with a purse of 4 million dollars which raises questions whether the Nobel Peace Prize is a prize or a bribe.
Obamacare is an epic failure as President of the USA. The clunkers deal was an epic fail, running an economy on 1 trillion in debt has left thousands without jobs and loss of confidence in government even while creating greater dependency. Obama continues to cut our military manpower while increasing the obese girth of welfare in this country.
Peace a once "noble" cause has just become another spoke in the wheel of American politicians.
Peace is the new magic carpet a sure win with public opinion it is the ideal to replace all common sense.
No one questions how much diplomats spend, what the cost of peace is in dollars or human life and this cynical display by Obama once again that we must tear down the measures that kept one of the worse governments with a heinous human rights record in check to achieve the appearance of peace is a total perversity of reality.

Posted by: jeb stuart at August 2, 2015 09:29 AM

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