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July 10, 2015

More Anti-Israel Propaganda From Amnesty International

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As CAMERA has frequently noted, the "human rights" organization Amnesty International [AI] has for years tried to undermine Israel's international standing. After every major Israeli military operation to quell Palestinian rocket attacks, AI publishes lengthy reports condemning Israeli actions as disproportionate and reckless and recommends that Israel be brought up on charges of committing war crimes.

These reports have a common template. Israel is treated as the major offender, not Hamas. Palestinian "witness" accounts of Israeli strikes allegedly targeting innocent civilians are presented as reliable. Israeli counter-claims and evidence are ignored, dismissed or relegated to inferior status. Statistics provided by Palestinian sources, including Hamas-run agencies, that count most of those killed by Israeli strikes as non-combatants, are repeated and given credibility to provide a foundation for the charges. Israeli investigations into reported casualties that show far greater numbers of combatants and fewer non-combatant casualties are given short shrift if they are mentioned at all.

The Algemeiner posted on July 9, 2015 an article by Elder of Ziyon discussing the most recent AI project, a video showing an Israeli air strike on an apartment building. The video is intended to discredit Israel's claim that it provides sufficient prior warning to inhabitants of a targeted structure so that they can safely evacuate before an air strike.

Careful scrutiny reveals that the film was edited to leave the impression that Israel provided only a little over a minute to evacuate the home, but in fact the Israelis had provided a series of warnings starting with a phone call 15 minutes before the "roof knock" warning, which was followed by a five minute gap, before the actual strike.

Posted by SS at July 10, 2015 01:20 PM


Amnesty International thinks these are Palestinian civilians. This truly shows the Pallywood liars Amnesty is.

Posted by: Lisa Epstein at July 12, 2015 08:50 AM

The video that proves Amnesty International is lying about Israel

Posted by: Barry Meridian at July 19, 2015 03:07 AM

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