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July 29, 2015

Haaretz Headline vs. Haaretz Article

A page-one headline on Haaretz's English edition today, "Cuts to higher education to hurt Arabs, ultra-Orthodox Jews most," is not at all substantiated by the accompanying article. Although the proposed amounts to be slashed from various educational programs are "unknown," according to the article, Haaretz headline writers have nevertheless determined that Arabs and ultra-Orthodox Jews will be "most" hurt.

Education cuts.jpg

The article, by Yarden Skop, details proposed budgetary cuts for higher education which "will include an across-the-board cut to university and college budgets, including a freeze on hiring new faculty members; cuts to budgets for preacademic preparatory programs; programs designed to attract more Arabs and ultra-Orthodox Jewish to higher education; 'excellence centers' aimed at reversing the 'brain drain'; students assistance programs; projects conducted in conjunction with the defense establishment; collaboration with China and India and a reduction in academic activity in Eilat."

Nowhere does the article claim that out of all the programs facing potential cuts, those involving Arabs and ultra-Orthodox Jews stand the most to lose. To the contrary, Skop makes clear that the proposed amounts to be slashed from each program are unknown. She states: "The exact amounts to be cut from each line item have not been determined yet."

As is often the case, the English edition coverage differs from the Hebrew edition coverage. The latter is accurate while the former is not. Thus, the Hebrew edition headline (page 6, today) accurately states:

education cuts Hebrew.jpg

It means (CAMERA's translation):

The cuts in higher education will harm access for Haredim and Arabs to academia

Unlike the English edition, the Hebrew edition does not claim that Arabs and Haredim will be "most" hurt by the cuts. The subheadline adds:

In a Knesset emergency session, the head of the planning and budget committee in the Council for Higher Education noted the areas to be harmed by the cut

Moreover, the online Hebrew headline also singles out returning researchers to be harmed by the cut:

education cuts Hebrew online.JPG

It states (CAMERA's translation):

The higher education cuts will harm access for Haredim and Arabs and return for researchers

See also "Haaretz, Lost in Translation" and listen to CAMERA's Tamar Sternthal on Voice of Israel last week discussing repeated mistranslations in Haaretz's English edition.

This piece was updated to correctly reflect the gender of Ms. Skop.

Posted by TS at July 29, 2015 03:00 AM


Yardan Skop is a woman:
So, " He states:" above should be "She states".

Posted by: Yenta Press at July 30, 2015 03:19 AM

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