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August 06, 2014

Washington Post Cites CAMERA on Palestinian Casualty Figures

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Weighing in on the uncertainty concerning Palestinian casualty figures, Paul Farhi of The Washington Post cites CAMERA's Steven Stotsky ("Reporters grapple with politics, erratic sources in reporting Israeli/Gaza death toll"):

A pro-Israeli group, the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA), last month analyzed two weeks of casualty data released by the PCHR and found that 57 percent of the dead were males between the ages of 17 and 39. While it’s unclear whether these men were actually militants, the disproportionate number of young men of prime fighting age suggests that there may be more combatants among the dead than PCHR and other organizations have acknowledged, concluded Steven Stotsky, a senior analyst for CAMERA.

“Journalists have a responsibility to convey this uncertainty to their audiences and not present figures provided by Hamas and Hamas-affiliated sources as unqualified fact,�? Stotsky wrote.

Posted by TS at August 6, 2014 03:30 PM


perhaps what is missing from the analysis is how many deaths one could estimate in Gaza if the same carpet bombing techniques were employed as occurred in Dresden?? i am sure a few hundred thousand. If one looks at the "Genocide in Rwanda there were 900 thousand to 1 million killed in 6 weeks. this translates into more than 21000 per day. more than 800 per hour. this was achieved with primitive hand held weapons such as Machette's and clubs not modern weapons with a much higher kill rate potential

Posted by: howard page at August 7, 2014 02:12 AM

The number of civilian and children casualties is mentioned over and over again all day long on American National media.
Where do those numbers come from? If there is any question concerning the reliability of those numbers than it is the responsibly of the media to state so. I noted that the % of civilians, children and etc. is exactly the same as reported over and over again during the last three wars? That should raise a red flag as to its authenticity?
One might balance those numbers by guestimating the casualties in Israel if one of those Willy Nilly fired rockets hit their intended target? Accurate reporting might also estimate the damage to infrastructure if one bomb landed as intended?

Posted by: Donald Gotshalk at August 8, 2014 06:04 PM

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