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May 20, 2014

CAMERA Analyst Highlights Ugly Polemics from Retired Archbishop Elias Chacour


CAMERA Analyst Tricia Aven, Ph.D., has exposed the ugly rhetoric used by Palestinian Christian leaders in an article published on First Things' website. The piece is valuable because it highlights some of the ugly statements made by Rev. Dr. Mitri Raheb and retired Melkite Archbishop Elias Chacour, who have both spoken at events organized by the Telos Group.

In the piece, titled, “Check Your Speaker List,�? Aven reports that Chacour (pictured above), “argues that Jesus and his disciples were not Jews at all. He identifies the people of Galilee as distinct from the Jews when he talks about the gathering of the disciples in Jerusalem after the death of Jesus. He states that “the men from Galilee�? were in an Upper Room and ‘the doors were locked out of fear from the Jews. I don’t know why the Jews frighten everybody with whom they live. Is that a problem I think?’�?

Chacour is author of Blood Brothers, a text regularly invoked by pro-Palestinian activists.

Read the whole thing here.

Posted by dvz at May 20, 2014 01:05 PM


Then Judas was not a Jew. Cool!

I will entertain the concept that the Rev. Dr. Mitri Raheb and author Elias Chacour know more about Galilee than Titus Flavius Josephus (a.k.a. Joseph Ben Matisyahu) from his viewpoint as a historian living only 30 years after Jesus.

If it were correct that modern Israeli Jews are descended from Eastern Europeans and that Jesus himself wasn't a Jew, I would expect an announcement soon that actually nobody is Jewish. However that would only increase anti-semitism since studies show the greatest hatred of Jews occurs where there are no Jews.

Posted by: What.about.the.Arab.lobby? at May 20, 2014 06:07 PM

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