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January 15, 2014

Iran's Press TV Exposes Stuff

Iran's English language Press TV, which last November exposed that Israel killed John F. Kennedy, and several days earlier revealed that the CIA killed John F. Kennedy, has now outed CAMERA as a Mossad spin-off.

In its article, which was largely about how fake Ariel Sharon quotes are really, really real, goes on to explain how the world has come to believe that the fake quotes are fake:

The Zionist propaganda machine, which dominates Western media, works overtime to “scrub�? such facts from public consciousness, just as it works to scrub the public record clean of Ariel Sharon's too-revealing words. An apparent Mossad spin-off called CAMERA does much of the dirty work.

CAMERA has published outrageous lies about Sharon's “Z�? interview with Amos Oz. Now it is offering an even more ridiculous lie about Sharon's notorious post-9/11 “We Jews control America�? outburst.

CAMERA's history of successfully debunking hoax quotes attributed to Ariel Sharon and others clearly got under Press TV's skin.

The piece, by Holocaust denier and 9/11 truther Kevin Barrett, raised some alarms within CAMERA.

One researcher seemed to tacitly admit she worked for the Mossad — after all, they work overtime and she also works overtime.

Another sent some encrypted code back to Mossad headquarters:

We don't know what it means. But hopefully Press TV will decode the message and report on it tomorrow.

Posted by at January 15, 2014 04:05 PM


Great job, CAMERA. Now that you have control of the Western media. Congratulations!
Well, it's not as if the Jews haven't controlled the World media all along.
I just wish we could exercise some of that fabled control to actually get the truth told.
P.S. - Please let me in on the plot when you are ready to take over the international banking system.

Posted by: judorebbe at January 16, 2014 09:29 PM

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