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August 05, 2013

Op-Ed by CAMERA's Executive Director: "NYT Warps Kerry’s Message"

CAMERA's Executive Director Andrea Levin

In a Times of Israel op-ed, CAMERA's Executive Director Andrea Levin writes:

Admittedly, there have been few details released about the nascent Israeli-Palestinian peace talks. Secretary of State John Kerry’s July 30th briefing with Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erakat and Israeli Justice Minister Tzipi Livni offered up only carefully calibrated diplomatese.

Nevertheless, The New York Times’ rendition of Kerry’s remarks is a dramatic example of the paper’s penchant for molding stories to advance a political agenda by recasting what was said to highlight its preferred views.

Levin continues:

The net message of (Michael) Gordon’s story was the familiar New York Times one, documented in detail in CAMERA’s study of 6 months of Times coverage, that Israel is the cause of the conflict and is responsible to provide the solution. Palestinians are walk-ons in the play and certainly not culpable for anything serious. The essence of the solution lies in creation of a Palestinian state and whether this will mark an end to the conflict is, for The Times, seemingly an incidental matter.

Read the entire op-ed here.

Posted by at August 5, 2013 03:13 PM


Almost all news accounts about the Middle East refer to "seized" lands by Israel. This should be always be challenged and those sources should always be reminded that those territories were won in defensive wars.

Posted by: Simon Ostrach at August 8, 2013 05:34 PM

If you hit me (the Palestinians), don't blame me if I give you a black eye. Palestinians had a chance to have their own viable country, but they blew it! As for the Times, they seem to have become like so much of the other media in a search for readership. Gone are th days of "all the news fit to be print." Just get people excited, angry, etc. and sell those papers!

Posted by: Sally DeCapite at August 13, 2013 10:23 AM

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