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August 23, 2013

Novelist Cites Media Complicity in Persecution of Christians in the Middle East, Links to CAMERA

As churches and Christian institutions burn across the Middle East and Christians flee Muslim countries, novelist Noah Beck cites Western media complicity in this disturbing phenomenon. In an article about Crucified Again: Exposing Islam’s War on Christians by Raymond Ibrahim, Beck, author of The Last Israelis, a novel about Iranian nukes and an Israeli submarine with a crew including a Christian Israeli, writes:

Ibrahim shows how the Western media, academia, and the Obama administration have all whitewashed Muslim oppression of Christians and/or supported Islamists like the Muslim Brotherhood to the point of enabling anti-Christian persecution and obscuring it from the public. Indeed, of Ibrahim’s 680+ cited news sources reporting on Muslim abuse of Christians, only about 6% were from the mainstream media. Biased media coverage of the Middle East deserves a book of its own, but to cite one powerful example (not mentioned in Crucified Again), consider how CBS’s “news�? program, Sixty Minutes, defamed the only Mideast country where Christians are actually safe (Israel) while missing the real story of Mideast Christian persecution so thoroughly documented in Crucified Again.

Here Beck links to CAMERA’s work on the misleading 60 Minutes story of April 2012. CAMERA has not forgotten this biased story, with Christian Media Analyst Dexter Van Zile confronting Executive Producer Jeffrey Fager, a follow-up campaign, and an advertisement in the Wall Street Journal.

Watch a CAMERA-produced video on the subject:

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