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August 26, 2013

Ha'aretz's Amira Hass Attempts to Justify Her Obsessive Focus


Anyone familiar with Ha'aretz columnist Amira Hass knows that she is obsessive in her hostility toward and vilification of Israel. Her journalistic career focuses entirely on presenting the Jewish state in the worst possible light -- as one that continuously harms and plots against Palestinians. And she let no facts get in the way of her mission.

A recent column by Hass about a Palestinian widow who was supposed to be deported from eastern Jerusalem (but wasn't) because her temporary residency permit had expired prompted a reader to comment that Hass spends "too much time on trifles." Given the cruelty with which Arab residents are treated in neighboring countries by their own leaders, the story of an illegal resident who faced deportation but was ultimately not deported does appear to be absurdly trifling. But Hass uses the criticism of her column as yet another opportunity to repeat her condemnation of Israeli authorities for even considering deportation. In a burst of self-righteous fury, Hass justifies her obsession and attacks her critics:

There are those who say Rajbi’s fear of being deported from her home in the Old City of Jerusalem is dwarfed by the suffering of the million Syrian children who have become refugees. Some would even go so far as to say that the history of Israeli domination over the Palestinians is dwarfed by the incomprehensible slaughter taking place in the region. According to that logic, men can tell the women in Israel and Italy not to complain about gender discrimination because their sisters in Africa still suffer the practice of female genital mutilation, while in India, the selective abortion of female fetuses is still widespread. Westernized Jews can tell Arab-Jews and Sephardi Jews that they should stop complaining because they’re doing far better than residents of favelas in Brazil.

Ranking injustices, atrocities and discrimination on a scale of horrors is just one more technique employed by those in power to retain their power, to justify their excessive privileges and to belittle any public or civil struggle for equality.

Posted by rh at August 26, 2013 02:45 PM


Frimet Roth who lost her daughter in the Sbarros massacre in 2001.
Read what she wrote about Gideon Levy and Amira Hamas
Frimet hits it right on the head about their hypocrisy.
The Enemies' Children
Frimet Roth
November 28, 2006

Gideon Levy, who writes for Israel`s pre-eminent daily, Haaretz, fancies himself a champion of the weak and vulnerable. The day after my child`s cold-blooded murder by a Hamas bomber, Levy wrote the following in his weekly piece detailing Palestinian suffering:

"These children, every child in the world should have protection as though he were a VIP. Every child in the world is a VIP"
Levy did not mention the seven Jewish children whose graves were dug that day because he did not mean those children. He never does.

Levy`s colleague, Amira Hass, the only Israeli journalist who lives in a Palestinian town, Ramallah, was equally indifferent to my child`s murder. The first piece she published in Haaretz after the Sbarro massacre made no mention of the fifteen victims. Instead, it was an emotive tirade about the Palestinian right of return, reminding her readers of two major Jewish settlements close to Jerusalem that she fears "won`t be evacuated": the city of Maaleh Adumim and the Jerusalem satellite community of Givat Ze`ev.
Murdered Jewish children do not move Hass either.

Posted by: Ken Kelso at August 27, 2013 04:15 PM

should this shock anyone.
Amira was one of the liars who promoted the Jenin massacre hoax in 2002 and refused to retract her lies.

I'll never forget when Amira took the side of the homicide bombers in Jenin when Israel went into Jenin in 2002.
The worst part Amira did was say her typical blood libel against Israel.
Let me put exactly what she said
'What kind of war is this?'
Haaretz, April 2002
It is still impossible to know how many people are buried under the ruins in the Jenin refugee camp, where the smell of decomposing bodies mingles with the stench of garbage and the scent of geraniums and mint.

Lies Lies Lies and more Lies by Amira.
There was no decomposing bodies. This was all Pallywood lies.
Amira again caught lying as she did when she was sued for her lies in Hebron.

Posted by: Ken Kelso at August 27, 2013 04:18 PM

Unfortunately, anti-Semites come in all religions, even those of the same faith. They believe (wrongly) they are helping some cause and it doesn't matter what cause, just so their name is in print.. What I don't understand is why the Times prints this garbage. I thought they were the paper of "all the news fit to print." I have less and less respect for this paper. Time to look for a new source.

Posted by: Sally DeCapite at September 3, 2013 12:39 AM

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