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July 26, 2013

Egyptian Blogger on Learning to Hate Jews

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Blogger and activist Hussein Aboubakr, who grew up in Cairo, explains how Ramadan's television culture has been used to spread anti-Semitism in the Arab world:

From the days of my early childhood in Egypt, anti-Semitism was not only a common phenomenon, it has been a national characteristic of my country. From Alexandria to Aswan, in every city and small town along the Nile river, anti-Jewish propaganda can be easily found in mosques, bookstores, on the radio, in newspapers and on TV.

Learning to hate Jews starts in Egypt the first moment you learn about their existence and continues long into adulthood.

... As far as I remember from the early days of my childhood, not one Ramadan season missed the opportunity to introduce some major anti-Jewish documentary or TV series. The biggest hit Ramadan specials in Egypt are usually programs that offer a large dose of anti-Semitism to the Arab appetite.

CAMERA recently posted a video, which you can see here, highlighting the unhealthy obsession with al yahud, the Jews, across the Middle East.

Posted by at July 26, 2013 12:22 PM


One of my Egyptian friends who was fair with hazel eyes was constantly called "Jew". His father operated a furniture store adding "evidence", (all Jews are either bankers, shop owners, media moguls, politicians and money lenders, dontcha know...)

Despite the fact that he was Catholic, despite no "Jewish" religious practice, this was considered an insult to sting. He was "rich" as he was middle class, far more privileged than the poor, but not anywhere near as wealthy as the ruling class.

Posted by: Alana at August 1, 2013 05:41 PM

It is tragic to have an ideology that has so
much hate. I don't sense love, as I feel
most other religions have. My friend things
Chrisian missionaries would help change this.
I hope so.

Posted by: Selma Soss at August 3, 2013 03:13 AM

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