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May 01, 2013

Where's the Coverage? Former Egyptian Official: Hamas and Hezbollah Killed Tahrir Protesters


Former Egyptian Interior Minister Mansour al-Essawy told the independent Egyptian daily newspaper al-Masry al-Youm that Hamas and Hezbollah terrorists killed Egyptian anti-regime protesters in Tahrir Square and were instrumental in breaking Muslim Brothers out of prison during the so-called Arab Spring. According to The Times of Israel:

Hamas and Hezbollah activists were involved in killing Egyptian protesters in Tahrir Square, as well as storming Egyptian jails and releasing political prisoners, during the early days of the Egyptian revolution, a former Egyptian minister said on Tuesday.


Hundreds of Muslim Brotherhood prisoners broke out of jail just four days after protests began across Egypt in January 2011, aided by anti-government activists who engaged Egyptian security forces in gun battles. Eight prisoners were reported killed.

“Hamas certainly had a large role in storming the prisons,�? Essawy said. “All information indicates that members of the movement and members of the Lebanese movement Hezbollah attacked the prisons where political activists were held, smuggled them out, and then opened other prisons by breaking down their doors using trucks, as happened in the Abu-Z’ubul and Marj prisons,�? he continued.

Both Hamas and Hezbollah are designated terrorist organizations by the U.S. State Department. Egypt, now and under the previous, Mubarak, regime, is an American ally. The upheaval in North Africa and throughout the Arab Middle East is having a profound impact on American interests. And yet, CAMERA could find not one major American news outlet that has covered this story. Not one.

When the protests that eventually led to the fall of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood were taking place in Tahrir Square, the media were falling over themselves to report on the “Facebook revolution�? and the “Twitter activists�?. Time Magazine named “The Protester�? its 2011 “Person of the Year�?.

time cover - protester.bmp

Yet, now that the unpleasant underside of those uprisings comes to light and the results –Egypt’s faltering economy and violence against Christians, not to mention Syria’s civil war and the tens of thousands killed and displaced– are proving to be anything but spring-like, the media are silent. Now that word emerges that known terrorist groups murdered the very “Person of the Year�? once celebrated… nothing. Where’s the journalistic curiosity? Where’s the drive to uncover the truth? Where’s the Coverage?

Posted by SC at May 1, 2013 07:12 PM


Blogging about this is only half the battle.

To get coverage of this, you have to send a simple clear sentence with a link to this information out to reporters. Send it to Time magazine reporters. Tweet it at bloggers. You have to send this out to people who aren't following you. That's what will create coverage.

Posted by: Hi at May 1, 2013 08:28 PM

I'm not sure how much I believe this. The population of Egypt is ten times that of Lebanon and Gaza combined and there is no lack of thugs in Egypt ready and willing to do this kind of thing. Not that I'd put it past H&H to join in, but does the MB in Egypt really lack for manpower that they have to import thugs from abroad to do their dirty work? And it's just like an Egyptian official blame domestic unrest on a secret conspiracy of foreigners like this.

Posted by: Naif Mabat at May 2, 2013 11:17 PM

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