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June 13, 2012

"Someone is Lying About the Houla Massacre"

Dead bodies believed to be from the Houla massacre in Syria. Photo: wiki commons.

CAMERA's Christian Media Analyst, Dexter Van Zile, published in the The Algemeiner.

Van Zile states:

Westerners trying to figure out what exactly happened at Houla, the scene of a massacre in Syria that resulted in the deaths of more than 100 people, many of them children, can be forgiven if they feel a bit like prisoners chained to the wall in Plato’s Cave trying to figure out what is going on in the world outside.


It may be a while before the world can come to a definitive conclusion over who did what to whom in Houla.

But one thing is sure.

Somebody – a whole lot of somebodies, actually – is lying to us.

Read the article here.

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