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March 07, 2012

Jimmy Carter Snipes at Israel Again


Israelis, former president Jimmy Carter worries, seem inclined to "resume" war with their neighbors. But he trusts that Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood -- its leaders having "assured me personally" -- will keep their country's peace treaty with Israel.

So the one-term chief executive (1977 - 1981) told "America's Morning News," the radio affiliate of The Washington Times ("Carter: Netanyahu seems too eager for war on Iran," March 7). Of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Carter said "I don't think that's [war with Iran] his first preference, but I think he's much more eager to go to war with Iran than President Obama (is). And I was glad to see President Obama discourage that immediate resumption of hostilities between Israel and its neighbors that the Israelis seem to be inclined to do."

Carter, who as president suggested Americans had an inordinate fear of communism, then professed to being shocked by the Soviet Union's invasion of Afghanistan, said "I think the economic sanctions would be adequate. ... War with Iran can and should be avoided."

He was equally sanguine about the Muslim Brotherhood, which -- with the even more fundamentalist Salafist party -- holds two-thirds of the seats in Egypt's influential lower house of parliament. Carter said he recently met with Brotherhood leaders and "they know it's very important to Egypt to maintain peace with Israel. They assured me personally ... that they will honor the peace treaty that I helped to negotiate back in 1979 ... and I don't have any doubt they will carry out their promise to me."

Leave aside Carter's chronic narcissim. Forget his past apologia for Hamas after meeting its leaders and gaining another 15 minutes in the spotlight. His faith in the Brotherhood, which has expelled moderates and sounds more anti-American on its Arabic Web site than on its English language version, recalls his ineffectuality in dealing with the Islamic revolutionaries who overthrew the Shah of Iran, seized the U.S. embassy in Tehran and held more than 50 American diplomats captive for 444 days.

The Washington Times article notes that "Carter's use of the word 'apartheid'" in the title of his 2006 book Palestine: Peace, Not Apartheid "prompted rebukes and criticism of varying degrees, most notably from former President Bill Clinton and then House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and an unwanted endorsement from Osama bin Laden."

CAMERA's 2007 monograph, Bearing False Witness: Jimmy Carter's Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid, exposed more than 20 major errors of fact in the ex-president's anti-Israel polemic, none of which he corrected.

Imply that Israel is eager for war with Iran. Don't focus on the issue -- Iran's covert pursuit of nuclear weapons combined with its overt threats to destroy the Jewish state. Apparently Jimmy Carter can't help himself; when his animus toward Israel begins to itch, he must scratch, especially when doing so will make a headline or two.

Posted by ER at March 7, 2012 04:28 PM


How does a president who was voted worst president has the gall to criticize anything.He should stick to his peanut farm.
He is being paid by Arab countries for his propaganda,if it was not for them he would be eating his own peanuts.

Posted by: Henry Federman at March 7, 2012 07:32 PM

I love living in Georgia. Beautiful land, great people, spiritually inclined. There is only one thing that makes me ashamed to be here...Jimmy Carter!!! He continues to provide fodder for unimaginable stupidity. God forgive me for saying this...but he is at best, the epitome of an intelligent fool and, at worst, a narcissistic buffoon, blowing excrement with every word that exits his orifice.

Posted by: Dr. Dan at March 7, 2012 09:08 PM

The peace treaty was good, a great achievement decades of peace. The enemy gets a vote, if they decided to cancel it, they cancel it.

But I am not going to lose sleep over it, hope for the best plan for the worst. That is the whole point of a Red Cell. Crazy plans and theories until you need them.

They need the US aid to keep the military strong, to keep the Bedouins from claiming autonomy over Sinai, claims to the Suez and energy.

They need tourism, the Suez monopoly and not water contracts from South Sudan or autonomy for Sinai.

Weapons are flooding into the Sinai, everyone thinks solely for action against Israel perhaps not.

Posted by: Matt at March 8, 2012 12:21 AM

Dont forget, Carter called Assad a moderate for years and a man of peace.
Carter did this to try to force Israel to give up the Jewish Golan.
Carter will appease any Arab mass murderer like Arafat, Assad Sr and Jr, Yassin in order to deliver Israel to the Arabs.

Posted by: Ed Frias at March 8, 2012 09:17 AM

Chavez endowed Carter's foundation with millions of dollars after Carter, Mr. free elections, vouched the democratic process was genuine. The problem is there is no one to hold Carter to account or to rule such receipt of "endowments" is proper. There is no one to deem Carter's rulings fair, honest and unbiased except common sense. Maybe the former President should read the Muslim Brotherhood's charter again and ask them why they still hold onto the 6th pillar of Islam, Jihad as the most important? sounds like some of the contradictions Palestinians have run into proving they actually believe Israel is a legitimate state.

Posted by: jeb stuart at March 9, 2012 01:12 PM

Oh so Carter has been "promised" by the Muslim Brothers has he? :D I seem to recall Carter asserted things in the past about a certain organisation accepting a two-state solution: that turned out to be untrue!!!

Posted by: Rob Harris at March 9, 2012 03:46 PM

Jimmy Carter wasn't a BA D guy, just was and remains a foolish one. He really is a stereotypical educated fool.
He unfortunately is also burdened with a visceral dislike of Jews, which tends to color his reasoning.

Posted by: Martin Broschowitz at March 10, 2012 03:52 PM

Jimmy Carter's comments make me feel like he is
living on another planet/

Posted by: Selma at March 10, 2012 06:37 PM

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