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October 20, 2011

Palestinian Prime Minister Admits What New York Times Won't

Unlike the New York Times editorial board, which blames only Israel for the lack of peace talks even though the country has repeatedly urged Palestinian leaders to restart talks, the Palestinian Prime Minister is at least willing to admit that his side has some responsibility in the matter.

"My own assessment is that conditions are not ripe, at this juncture, for a meaningful resumption of talks," Fayyad told a black-tie dinner hosted by the American Task Force on Palestine.

"All it is likely to produce under current conditions is defensiveness on the part of the parties ... leading to a positioning game ... to try to establish a position where it is the other' party's fault," he added.

Will the Times, which increasingly seems to pick its Mideast stories based on how closely they hew to the editorial board's political positions, cover Fayyad's statement?

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When Israel declared itself a nation in 1948 the Arab League started a war "to drive the Israelis into the sea. Before they started the first war they they advised the Palastinians living there to leave temporarily to give the attacking armies a clear field to annihilate the Jews; then they could come back to a victory celebration. 700,000 left. At the same time 600,000 Jews fled their homes in the surrounding Arab countries in this period. These refugees were absorbed and settled in Israel as soon as possible. In contrast, the Arab countries kept their Palestinian brothers in miserable refugee camps until now. Did the Arab countries keep their Palestinian kin in refugee camps so long because they didn't have the land or money to resettle them? They had 50 times as much land as tiny Israel and billions of dollars from the sale of oil. They kept these unfortunates in refugee campsas a propaganda ploy to discredit the sraelis and turn world opinion against them.They also hoped to shame the Israelis into taking the refugees back.The Israelis justifiably refused to do this because these would make an ideal fifth column the next time the Arabs attacked " to drive the Jews into the sea."
Make no mistake, the Arabs have not given up this dream.The Arabian monarchs and oligarchs want to remove the successful, thriving democracy of Israel from their midst for fear thatdowntrodden subjects will get the "wrong ideas" observing it. In addition they have a psychopathic hatred of Israel generated by envy and religious zealotry.

Posted by: Milton Shapiro at October 20, 2011 10:45 PM

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