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October 24, 2011

Shahira Amin: Just Looking Out for Gilad

Shahira Amin Shalit interview.jpg

In the Jerusalem Post today, Egyptian journalist Shahira Amin once again denies that her interview with a stressed, malnourished, and exhausted Gilad Shalit minutes after Hamas handed him to Egyptian officials was coerced. Unbelievably, she goes even further, arguing that her (forced) interview was an attempt to humanize Shalit and all Israelis before the anti-Israel Arab public, stating:

My motive was: I felt that at this time of high anti-Israeli sentiment in Egypt and the Arab world (especially after the killing of the Egyptian border guards) it was important to try and diffuse tensions by showing Arab viewers that people on both sides were paying the price for this conflict. I felt it would earn Schalit the compassion he deserves.

Aah, so it's Gilad's welfare that she had in mind all along. I guess she didn't get that memo from the British Red Cross about the media's responsibility towards prisoners under International Humanitarian Law.

No matter. At least we can all rest assured that, as Amin soothes her readers,

I am all for peace. I was raised abroad and always had Israeli friends in my class growing up as a kid so I feel no contempt for Jews and Israelis. All my stories have been about promoting peace and tolerance.

Of course Amin only had Gilad Shalit's best interests at heart because, after all, some of her classmates growing up were Jews!

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