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July 26, 2011

Study: NY Times' Israel Obsession Half a Century Old

Omri Ceren flags an academic study which finds that the New York Times' Israel obsession is nothing new -- it dates back at least five decades. He writes:

There’s an article coming out in the next issue of Communication Research that tries to untangle how and why foreign countries get covered by U.S. news outlets in general, and by NBC and the New York Times in particular. The peer-reviewed piece is a collaboration between researchers spread across Washington state and two Dutch universities, and – like all good academic work – has a soporific title, Foreign Nation Visibility in U.S. News Coverage: A Longitudinal Analysis (1950-2006).

The long timeline means that even regional wars get pushed down the list by Cold War and global diplomacy coverage. So the USSR, China, Britain, and France are all prominent because they’re nuclear powers on the Security Council. Germany and Japan show up a lot because we had just finished fighting them and had troops on their territory.

And then there’s one other distant country with which the U.S. press seems to be preoccupied, above and beyond any country except the USSR:

The first step in our analysis was to examine which countries were most visible during each of the four geopolitical eras analyzed. Table 1 lists the top ten most mentioned foreign nations in the NYT and on NBC during the early Cold War era (1950-1973), the late Cold War era (1974-1991), the post–Cold War era (1992-2001), and the post-9/11 era (2002-2006). Notably, nine countries were among the top ten most mentioned countries in at least four of the eight series analyzed. Specifically, Russia (USSR) and Israel received the most consistent news coverage—followed closely by Britain, China, France, Japan, Germany, Iraq, and Mexico.

Posted by TS at July 26, 2011 07:58 AM


For more info on the NY Times' deliberate downplaying of the Holocaust -- during W.W.Two -- just google .
Note: in 1995 the NY Times printed a mea culpa about their deliberated minimizing of the Holocaust in their reporting. It seems that the staff were under orders to OMIT the words "Jews" and "Jewish" when publishing reports on the mass murders of innocent civilians by the Germans.
SO: how many decades will it take the NYT to say mea-culpa about their current reporting on Israel?

Posted by: David J., Long Island, NY at August 4, 2011 07:39 PM

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