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May 01, 2011

HRC Special Sessions, A Review

Last week, AP reported:

Meanwhile, the Human Rights Council based at the U.N.'s European headquarters in Geneva agreed to a U.S. request for a special session Friday focused on Syria. It is unusual for the U.N.'s 47-nation council to agree to such a request singling out the behavior of one nation.

Unusual, but not that unusual, especially when the country that is singled out is Israel. As reported in a January 2011 Congressional Research Service report:

Since its establishment, the Council has held 15 regular sessions and 14 special sessions. . . . Six of the 14 special sessions addressed the human rights situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territories and in Lebanon. Other special sessions focused on the human rights situations in Burma (Myanmar), Cote d’Ivoire, Darfur, Haiti, and Sri Lanka.

Since then, on Feb. 25, the HRC held a special session on Libya.

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