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May 05, 2011

Ha'aretz Lost in Translation, V

Earlier we linked to an article in Ha'aretz about a French court ruling against Israeli physician Dr. David Yehuda who challenged Jamal Al-Dura's claim that his injuries were from the disputed shooting of his son Mohammed.

We have just learned that that article is the victim of Ha'aretz's perennial Lost in Translation Affliction. The second paragraph of the English version states:

Al-Dura had sued Yehuda for libel after the doctor, who operated on him in 1994, exposed details from his medical file in order to back claims that the elder al-Dura's scars were the result of surgery - and not caused by the IDF fire that killed his son in September, 2000.

In the English version, Al-Dura's claim that "the IDF fire . . .killed his son in September, 2000" is presented as a fact. In the Hebrew version, Al-Dura's claim that IDF fire killed his son is presented as just that, a claim:

�?-דורה תבע �?ת ד"ר יהודה, שניתח �?ותו ב-1994, על שחשף פרטי�? מתיקו הרפו�?י כדי לתמוך בטענות שהצלקות שלו ישנות והן תוצ�?ה של הניתוח, ול�? נגרמו על ידי כדורי צה"ל שהרגו, לדבריו, �?ת בנו

The operative word in the Hebrew version, missing from the English, is "לדבריו", or according to Al-Dura. Once again, the difference between Ha'aretz Hebrew and English is all the difference in the world.

May 17 Update: Good news! Ha'aretz corrects

Posted by TS at May 5, 2011 02:13 AM


HaArets also made a mistake with the man's name. The doctor's surname is David. Yehudah is his personal name.

Posted by: Eliyahu at May 5, 2011 04:23 AM

with friends like haaretz, we are better off with our trusted enemies.

Posted by: ruth lande at May 6, 2011 07:07 PM

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