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May 03, 2011

Asa Kasher on NGO's and Cast Lead Media Coverage

In a must-read interview with Jerusalem Post editor David Horovitz, Asa Kasher, who co-authored the Israel Defense Forces' first Code of Ethics, remarks:

Local media is guilty of sensationalism and a lack of responsibility. Ha'aretz has an agenda and skews everything in the service of that agenda. And others, like Yediot and Maariv, are just sensationalist. There is no connection even between their headlines and the content.

I read the protocol of that discussion in the Rabin academy. [CAMERA adds: See here for more information.] I also read everything that the Breaking the Silence soldiers said. I read the full document. That full document emerged only after the internationa media came to me for a response to the alleged summary which had come out a few days earlier. From that summary, you might have thought they exposed a huge wave, a tsunami, or war crimes, which it was very hard to believe could be possible. And in fact, it wasn't possible. Everything was skewed in that report. This is a political body with a political agenda which is legitimate, but it uses methods in my opinion that are not legitimate in terms of media ethics and NGO ethics. . .

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