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April 22, 2011

Machsom Watch Radicals and Fogel Family Killers

Machsom Watch spokeswoman Raya Yaron comforts the mother of one of the Fogel family murderers

Even the murders of Jewish children in their beds in the community of Itamar weren't enough to deter extreme Israeli left-wingers from offering expressions of solidarity with families of the suspected perpetrators. Members of Machsom Watch visited the Palestinian town of Awarta to comfort those whose relatives were under arrest. Spokeswoman Raya Yaron is seen above in what may come to be an iconic image of the far-left alliance with Palestinians against Israel. Israeli media and blogs have taken up the subject. Blogger Yaacov Lozowick observes he'd previously been tolerant of far-left activities but has drawn a line. He writes:

For years I've believed - and have said in print - that for all my disagreements with far-left Israelis, they were a legitimate voice and deserved respect for criticizing from inside the war zone: if proven wrong, they'd be here to pay the price; when Palestinian or Hisballah murderers do their best to kill random Israeli Jews, the far-left Israelis are here along with all the rest of us. This creates a qualitative distinction between them and their foreign fellows in malice.

I'm no longer convinced. As I've long been documenting in this blog, the contribution Israel's radicals make to the Big Lie against Israel is immense; sometimes the entire anti-Israeli argumentation comes from them. Absent them and the hatred of the Jewish State wouldn't go away, but its purveyors could present far fewer arguments.

This week we've had a further example which to my mind crosses all the lines of simple human decency. The Hebrew part of the Internet has been all a-buzz about the story of the Israeli radicals who went to the West Bank town of Awarta to give succor to the families of the murderers of the Fogel family, while disseminating unforgivable slander against the IDF and the law enforcement agencies.

As Arutz 7 notes, the actions of Machsom Watch raise questions about the group's funding. NGO Monitor points out there are financial links to the New Israel Fund.

Posted by AL at April 22, 2011 10:53 AM


A typical mother would be ashamed to know her son wantonly murdered people, especially children, in their beds.
This mother obviously isn't. That's normal for a culture that's so bankrupt it doesn't know right from wrong.
That Raya Yaron of Machsom Watch shares that emotion is an indication of how repulsively despicable members of the Left are.
BTW: Doesn't Israel have laws governing treason on her books?

Posted by: Peter Pachecos at December 30, 2011 07:30 PM

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