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March 16, 2011

Three Jewish Children: Facing the Unpleasant Truth About Anti-Semitism


In the wake of the Fogel family slaughter, Jerusalem Post's Caroline Glick writes a hard-hitting piece about today's anti-Semitism. Discussing the uncaring reaction of much of the world to the brutal murders, Glick points out unpleasant truths about "Palestinians’ genocidal hatred of the Jewish people" as well as the hatred of "enlightened peoples of Europe, and growing numbers of Americans, have no interest in hearing or seeing anything that depicts Jews as good people, or even just as regular people."

It isn’t that the beautiful people and their followers suddenly decided that Jews are not their cup of tea (or rail of cocaine). It’s just that we have reached the point where people no longer feel embarrassed to parade negative feelings towards Jews.

Posted by rh at March 16, 2011 10:13 AM


I've not read the entire article, but I must say, as a non-Jewish person who does not consider themselves an anti-semite, I think the author may be mistaken. The murder of these three innocent children was awful, and of course most civilized people agree.

I think what bothers folks is the reaction of the government (increasing settlements) and the fact that these murders (unjustifiable as they are) occurred in a settlement.

Most of us with no connection to the middle east (I am not Muslim or Jewish and have approximately zero ancestors from the place) just don't understand why Israeli's wont abandon their settlements. It seems to us reminiscent of colonialism.

Not an expert opinion of course, but most of us you must understand do not spend hours devouring information on the topic. The optics of settlement construction, est, are awful.

Also this is a pretty horrible news cycle. Revolution in Libya, Egypt, elsewhere plus earthquake in Japan. Lots of reasons why its not big news.


Posted by: Jonathan at March 16, 2011 02:13 PM


I'm wondering if someone can help me understand an issue which I believe may be central to this ongoing controversy.

When the article above references an increasing unwillingness on the part of Americans to see Jews as "good people, or even just as regular people," the implication is that they are perfectly willing to see Jews as bad people.

I'd personally argue that none of those views is correct, and they all oversimplify the problem in ways which makes real dialogue difficult.

Just like with any group around the world, there are good Jews and bad Jews and the vast majority fall somewhere in between. I hope that idea isn't terribly controversial, whether in the United States or abroad.

What I'm wondering at heart is this: is it possible to engage in thoughtful critical discussion about Israel without resorting to the kind of good/bad, right/wrong dichotomies which already pervade our political discourse? And is criticism of Israeli domestic or foreign policy possible without one or more sides resorting to claims of pro- or anti-Israel bias?

And my most difficult question is this: If a person holds those kind of "negative feelings towards Jews" discussed above, does that by definition prevent them from being able to engage in a discussion about concerns they may have regarding Israeli policy? Or, to put it another way, is it possible to criticize the Israeli government as separate from Judaism and Jewish culture, simply as a government?

Sorry about all the questions, and if I've offended anybody, I deeply apologize. But if somebody can help answer the questions I have, I'd be extremely grateful.

Posted by: David at March 16, 2011 04:05 PM

The organizations protecting human rights don’t have the time to deal with the followings:
*The speech of the Muslim brotherhood leader in Cairo delivered in Arabic, before 1 million people saying is:
!!!!! Hitler didn’t finish the job against the Jews.
!!!!!! Now the Muslims brotherhood will finish the job.
Watch BBC program Third eye Egypt.
* Bombs killed Christian's prayers from Cairo to Bagdad,
* Non Muslims have been decapitated from Algeria up the Philippines,
* Slavery is still practice in Sudan and Gulf states,
* Arabs kill Israeli civilians,and later requiring to get immunity for their crimes when the defending Israel responses.
* Women have been raped and the women is punished while the men are free,
* Non Muslim praying shrines have been destroyed,
* Amputations and stoning punishment.
* Hate preaching and teaching worldwide funded by Arab countries ( Refer to BBC program Panorama)
* Hate TV shows dedicated to children garden,
* Honor killing of wife's, doters, brothers,

They are busy in a mission: Building the false myth of Israel

The anti Israeli chorus will not be confused by real facts.
They will not demonstrate, not initiate protest weeks, not vote or boycode the countries and political groups practicing the above atrocities :
What should be the name for the so called human rights groups that are supporting Arabs,Iran and organizations that by ideology and practice are against all the values they pretended to protect?

Posted by: Ariely at March 17, 2011 11:44 AM

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