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March 08, 2011

Ha'aretz, Lost in Translation IV

CiF Watch had a good catch yesterday, finding another example of Ha'aretz's ongoing lost in translation problem. CiF Watch writes:

Ha’aretz seems to have learned a lesson in misrepresenting matters from the anti-Israeli foreign press. This is how it announced the appointment of a new foreign minister for Egypt on its English-language website:

cif haaretz 1.jpg

He seems like just the sort of nice chap Israel should be happy to see rise to the top in the “new Egypt�?.

Unfortunately, in the Hebrew version of the same announcement, it seems that Israel will be stuck with the “old Egypt�?:

cif haaretz 2.jpg

For those who do not read Hebrew, what this says is:

“Nabil el-Araby, who served as Egypt’s ambassador to the UN, replaced Achmed abu El Rit. In the past, he led initiatives against Israel�?.

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