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March 16, 2011

Ha’aretz Editor Tweets Disdain for his Country in Mourning

Every once in a while, the editors of Israel’s Ha’aretz give us a revealing glimpse into their thought processes, helping us make sense of the newspaper’s all-too-frequent willingness to resort to error and distortion to defame the Jewish state.

A couple of years ago, for example, then-editor of Ha’aretz David Landau (currently the Economist's correspondent in Israel) told Condoleeza Rice and others that Israel “wanted to be raped�? by the U.S., and that he’d personally enjoy watching it.

Now, we have the editor of Ha’aretz weekend magazine supplement announcing that the slaughter of the Fogel family filled him not with sympathy toward the attacked, nor disgust toward the attacker, but rather bitter disdain for Israel and its mourning.

In a series of posts on his Twitter account, editor Shai Golden portrayed Israelis as hypnotized in exaggerated, joyful reaction to the murders, and wide-eyed in anticipation of an impending massacre of Arabs:

“These crazy rivers of kitsch will soon be colored blood red. It’s the only path people here know.�?

“The joy with which people come together around the mourning rites for the Fogel family is like a workshop for national bonding that comes before another round of bloodletting. We only understand blood.�?

“When you’re standing over the fresh graves of slaughtered children you’re always right. God help us in the face of all this righteousness we Israelis are clinging to with such emotion.�?

“Sex, like settlement, is a violent and intrusive act. It’s a matter of Jews having sex with the earth and discovering in it beauty and holiness. When it comes to both sex and settlers, people are necessarily deviant.�?

(Via Latma)

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