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July 02, 2010

Presbyterians Debate Middle East Study Report

Several weeks before the Presbyterian Church (USA)'s General Assembly, which begins tomorrow, July 3, the denomination sponsored a "webinar" about the report issued by the Middle East Study Committee. Speaking in favor of the report was Rev. Ron Shive, a Presbyterian Minister from North Carolina. Rev. John Wimberly, a Presbyterian minister in Washington, D.C. spoke in opposition to the report. During the question and answer period, Rev. Shive was forced to acknowledge that the committee's fact-finding efforts did not include a trip to Sderot, the target of thousands of rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip prior to the 2006 war.

Rev. Wimberly calls on Presbyterians to reject the report. "The committee's methodology involves primarily speaking with people who favor the Palestinian narrative," he said. "The consious choice was made not to seek the input of 74 percent of Presbyterians (this is from a poll in the report) who choose to maintain a close diplomatic and military relationship between the U.S. and Israel."

Rev. Wimberly quite simply demolishes the report.

But don't take Snapshots's word for it. Watch the whole thing.

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