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May 16, 2010

National Geographic Parting With the Truth

Uri Goldflam blogs at CIC Scene about the "inaccuracies and downright lies" in the April 2010 National Geographic article "Parting the Waters." Goldflam writes:

To drive the message [about Israel allegedly stealing Palestinian water] home – a picture of the dried up, sunburnt village, a deserted greenhouse and a line about the swimming pools at the Jewish settlements. Nice work NG.

Indeed, Auja does dry up every summer. The picture below shows why:

Jerusalem water undertaking.jpg

Sign at Auja

A 2,000-foot-deep well doesn’t affect top-water. But this does. The blue and white sign reads: Jerusalem Water Undertaking, Ramallah and Al-Bireh District. Well no. 3/ Ein Samia. The water of Ein Samia is captured and transferred – to Ramallah. Ein Smia is the source of the Auja stream that feeds the village Auja. If you guessed that the well is Palestinian – you guessed right.

Goldflam raises additional worthy points, and readers should also know that Palestinians -- not only Jewish settlers -- also having swimming pools, a fact ignored by NG.

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