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February 10, 2010

More Evidence of Goldstone Commissioner's Bias

Desmond Travers, one of the four commissioners responsible for the Human Rights Council's "Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict," or the Goldstone Report, had previously revealed his bad faith by arguing during his "investigation" that Israeli soldiers are uniquely conditioned to murder children.

Now, further evidence of his pronounced anti-Israel bias emerges. A report by JCPA notes that Travers is peddling the "fact" that, in the month before Israel's Operation Cast Lead, "something like two" rockets were fired into Israel. In fact, in December 2008, up through the 27th of that month when the Operation began, roughly 145 rockets and another 145 mortars were fired at Israel from the Gaza Strip.

A Ha'aretz story on the JCPA report adds:

Travers also rejects Israel Defense Forces photographs as proof that Hamas hid weapons in mosques during the conflict.

"I do not believe the photographs," Travers said, describing the IDF evidence as "spurious."

Travers also criticized Israel's past presence in Southern Lebanon, asserting that Israeli soldiers had "taken out and deliberately shot" Irish peacekeeping forces in the area.

He accused "Jewish lobbyists" of influencing British foreign policy in the Middle East and said that efforts to block the Goldstone reports findings have failed.

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I googled MR. Desmond Travers to find out a bit more about him. Interestingly enough, and with regards to his comment in the above article: Israeli soldiers had "taken out and deliberately shot" Irish peacekeeping forces in the area. His prior history is that of an Irish armed forces man. To me, and most other competent readers, it seems he has a real bone to pick with Israel. This may manifest in fabricated stories as in the one above. Hate does funny things to people.

Posted by: Kristen at February 26, 2010 04:52 PM

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