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December 30, 2009

Goldstone Again Plays "Attacking the Messenger" Card

Once again, Judge Richard Goldstone attempts to evade substantive criticism of his Gaza report by playing the "they're attacking the messenger" card. In an interview with the New Statesman today, Goldstone states:

There has definitely been a consistent effort to attack the messenger rather than read the report. Clearly, personal attacks have been unpleasant for me, and unpleasant for my family.

Yet, critics have consistently dealt with falsehoods and distortions in the content of his report. When CAMERA's Ricki Hollander sent him a detailed open letter which questioned the report's findings about the Al Bader flour mill, the al-Maqadmah mosque and the military use of mosques, as well as the question of Palestinians engaging in combat while wearing civilian clothes, among other issues, Goldstone refused to respond, writing:

Dear Ms. Hollander,

I confirm receipt of your letter. I have no intention of responding to your open letter.
Richard Goldstone

Goldstone has apparently likewise declined to respond to other serious critics who addressed the content of his report in detail. How long will he continue to hold up the false ad hominen deflector?

Posted by TS at December 30, 2009 04:41 AM


I notice that Goldstone now couches his words in a lawyerly way. Rather than saying--as he has multiple times in the past--that no one has addressed or found any errors or discrepancies in the substance of his report and have attacked the messenger instead, he is now qualifying his statement.

While he conveys the same message, he clearly changed the wording to protect himself from charges that he is lying. He now refers to "a consistent effort" instead of issuing his hitherto blanket attack on his critics.

Posted by: rh at December 30, 2009 09:11 AM

Richard Goldstone is proof that intellect and reputation are no substitutes for character and integrity.

Posted by: Ben at December 30, 2009 12:23 PM

Richard Goldstone doesn't find serious critics in the same way an atheist doesn't find God in the same way a thief doesn't find the police. He's not looking. In fact, he's running away.

Posted by: Solomon [TypeKey Profile Page] at December 30, 2009 02:13 PM

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