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September 07, 2009

AP Ignores IAEA Position on Syrian Uranium

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In a story about today's meeting of the International Atomic Energy Agency concerning Iran and Syria, AP's Veronika Oleksyn reports from Vienna that Syria has declined

to provide satisfactory explanations for unusual finds of traces of uranium.

Damascus alleges that Israel used bombs or missiles containing depleted uranium which hardens metal and allows it to penetrate deeper in attacking the site. Israel has repeatedly told the IAEA it did not use such ordnance.

But its not just Israel which has denied the use of uranium weapons in the attack on the Syrian facility. The IAEA itself has in fact discounted the Syrian allegation that the uranium originated from Israeli weaponry. The June 5, 2009 IAEA report states:

As indicated in the Director General's last report (GOV/2009/9, para. 7), the Agency has assessed that there is a low probability that the uranium particles found at the Dair Alzour site were introduced by the use of the missiles used to destroy the building on that site. Since that report, no progress has been made in substantiating Syria's explanation. The Agency is continuing with its assessment of the origin of the uranium.

For related story, see here.

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