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August 17, 2009

Nearly Half of All Palestinian Authority Wages are for Members of Security Forces

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A World Bank report updating the economic status of the West Bank and Gaza reveals some interesting information that does not seem to garner much attention.

Palestinian security forces - Ministry of Interior and National Security - account for 43 percent of all wages paid by the Palestinian Authority. 31 percent of the PA's total budget is spent on the Ministry of Interior and National Security. This large force exists despite the fact that the PA does not have regular armed forces to defend it from external aggression. In addition, there are numerous armed militias not on the Fatah-dominated PA payroll.

By way of comparison, Israel spends 3.8 percent of its total expenditure on public order (CBS Statistical Abstract of Israel, 2008 table 11.1). Another 20 percent goes to national defense.

An article in the Asia Times spells out some underlying concerns with this inordinate Palestinian expenditure and employment in security forces.

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