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January 06, 2009

Spare Parts and Fuel

Amira Hass' beat is apparently what is lacking in Gaza, including medical supplies and water infrastructure. (See here, here, and now today here.) Today, she notes, for example:

Spare parts, such as tubing, pipes, and air and water filters, are in short supply because Israel has prohibited their entry into the Strip since during the cease-fire.

Wait a minute. What about those smuggling tunnels which were used so ingeniously provide Iranian, Chinese and Russian arms? Couldn't they have been used to also bring in the needed parts? After all, Hamas is said to be the "party of the people." Isn't in the people's interest to insure that such supplies are available?

Regarding fuel, Hass falsifies:

The Red Cross yesterday was negotiating with the Israel Defense Forces over the transfer of about 20,000 liters of diesel fuel that arrived at the Erez border terminal yesterday. The drivers are afraid of being hit by IDF, in addition to the dangers of negotiating Gaza's poor roads.

In actuality, more than 10 times that amount of diesel fuel did pass into Gaza yesterday through Nahal Oz. As reported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and confirmed by OCHA:

In addition, 215,000 liters of diesel fuel for the power plant, 93,000 liters of diesel for the use of various UN organizations and 50 tons of cooking gas for domestic uses were transferred via the Nahal Oz terminal.

And why does Hass assume that the Palestinian workers who need to unload the goods on the Gazan side are afraid only of the IDF? After, Palestinians have in the past targeted the humanitarian crossings.

Just as before, Hass repeats every Palestinian grievance about availability of necessary supplies -- whether founded or not -- and ignores the actual events.

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