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January 07, 2009

LA Times, Platform For Hamas Official


Batsheva Unterman, one of five Israelis killed during the six-month lull

An 18-month CAMERA study released in February 2008 found that the LA Times gave Op-Ed space to four Arab leaders, including Hamas official Mousa Abu Marzook, while Israeli officials were not granted even one Op-Ed.

Once again, the LA Times has given a voice to Abu Marzook, who spouts the usual falsehoods, including regarding who first violated the ceasefire.

Abu Marzook adds a new falsehood, claiming that one Israeli was killed during the six-month ceasefire. In fact, five Israelis were killed during that time.

Once again, editors withhold from readers the fact that Abu Marzook was indicted in the United States in 2004 as a co-conspirator on racketeering and money-laundering charges in connection with activities on behalf of Hamas -- information pertinent to readers' judgment about his credibility.

When will the Times find space for an Israeli official?

Posted by TS at January 7, 2009 06:41 AM


Two letters to CNN regarding reports that seem to favor Hamas over Israel:

As a pro-Israel supporter, I wish to thank CNN for helping Hamas terrorists in this campaign against Israel. In your most of your reports, it is good you mention that, unlike Israeli leaders, Hamas leaders do not worry about who their rockets land upon. It is good that we hear concern from Hamas about launching rockets from schools and hospitals in Gaza, knowing this tactic will bring harm to their own innocent civilians. It is good that photos and videos of “suffering Palestinians�? are constantly shown, but few of “frightened, terrorized Israelis�?. In your reporting, it appears that CNN clearly has chosen contempt for the “aggressive�?, or is it “ASSERTIVE�?, Israel. From the tone of your reports, one gets the impression that Israel should just quietly stand-by and take daily missile strikes and terror attacks (over 50,000 in the last few years), roll-over peaceably and let the terrorists achieve their aims. Never mind that the Palestinians have been kept in misery since 1948, in order to help the terrorist Jihad cause. Never mind that rockets are launched from schools, while children are in class. Never mind that any peace agreement with Israel is always met with more terror from Hamas. Never mind that the stated goal of Hamas is to “drive Israel into the sea�?. Israel is on the front line in the War On Terror! CNN doesn't appear to get that fact, or more accurately, CNN chooses to take the side of terrorists who hold their own people as pawns the Jihad war to rid the world of Jews. Your CNN team can sleep nights knowing that you are on the right side against evil.
Janet Tashman, Studio City, CA 91604


Often, when your reporters in Gaza ask Palestinians why the rockets from GAZA are not stopping, (so that Israel will stop the response), they answer with the usual variation of “Israel must stop the Aggression, yada, yada." The CNN reporters that I have heard do not challenge these statements. PLEASE, in the name of fairness, when you let these statements hang out there, unchallenged, the words "Israeli aggressor" remain in people's minds. PLEASE.. Israelis are ASSERTIVE, not aggressive, and if Hamas wants to stop their peoples’ agony, then STOP THEIR ROCKET ATTACKS!!! Israel is expected to roll-over and let their population take thousands of rocket attacks and Palestinian lies, and do nothing? PLEASE, CHALLENGE THEM! Janet Tashman, Studio City, CA

Posted by: Janet Tashman at January 7, 2009 03:04 PM

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