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January 01, 2009

IDF's YouTube Clips Restored

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YouTube has decided to reinstate IDF clips of attacks on Hamas targets which had been pulled earlier this week. AP/Ha'aretz report today:

YouTube briefly yanked the [IDF] clips on Tuesday, saying it was inappropriate, only to restore it a few hours later, labeling it inappropriate for minors, the military said.

"We were saddened on December 30, 2008 when YouTube took down some of our exclusive footage," the military wrote on its YouTube channel page. Fortunately, due to blogger and viewer support, YouTube has returned the footage they removed. . . .

"The blogosphere and the new media are basically a war zone in a battle for world opinion," said IDF spokeswoman Major Avital Leibovich said. She added that the YouTube channel is an important part of Israel's attempt to explain its actions abroad.

"In modern-day warfare, some battles are conducted through the media," said Gideon Doron, former chairman of the government agency that oversaw the privatization of television and radio services in Israel.

"Many of the victories of modern warfare are mediated by the media," Doron said. "We have Internet and all kinds of modern communication, and the Israeli military apparently decided that it has to broadcast its message through these tools."

The military says its clips have attracted more than 230,000 hits since going online Monday.

Posted by TS at January 1, 2009 04:50 AM


Unfortunate that Hamas members have resorted to flagging IDF videos on YouTube. I think this is wise of Israel to do in order to show the world that this is a war against terror.

Posted by: k at January 2, 2009 11:19 AM

It is time that the world "allow" Israel to defend itself. Over 6000 rockets have landed in Southern Israel over the last few years. Kindergartens, schools, hospitals, homes and cars, to say the least, have all been hit by the qassams. If any country in the world was being bombarded by a foreign entity, they would also respond in defense. The anti-semites and anti-Israelis shout all over the world that "the Nazis didn't finish their work" and "go back to the ovens". Yet we still see the slanted pro-Muslim reporting of the NY Times, CNN, BBC, Guardian and others. None of them are slightly embarrassed at such leftist, liberal reporting. Perhaps they expect Israel to sit around and attempt negotiations for another 10 years while Hamas uses the former Gush Katif to direct their rockets and terrorist activities at Israelis in the Southern region. Everyone claims that Israel is using disproportional force. Perhaps they should explain that to me. As it is the Israeli army is trying to be as humanitarian as possible by sending in trucks full of food and medicine and by informing the Palestinian population by phone, loudspeaker and pamphlets, what they will be targeting next.
The UN and the majority of the world absolutely disgust me. African dictators, China, Russia and many Muslim countries have slaughtered people for years but no one steps up to the plate for them.
Isn't it sickening that Israel has to provide, food, medicines, power and protection for the local Palestinian population in Gaza???? How is it that Hamas uses women and children as shields in order to bring "sympathy" to the Palestinian cause? And the wonderful bi-partisan media just continues to "buy" it. More people and more nations than ever before believe that Israel has the right to exist in peace just like any other country. Israel also has the right to protect its citizens. Keep in mind that the present Israeli government is a very moderate one. There has never been a country in world history that has been expected to "take care of its enemies". Make no mistake about it--Fatah may be much more moderate than Hamas but they still demand for the destruction of Israel in their charter. Perhaps if you would open your eyes to read Abbas' doctoral thesis about Holocaust revisionism you would see what we're up against. Both my children live in Israel. My son and I both served in the army. Please ask yourselves what you can do. Thank you.

Posted by: Stephen Rubin at January 12, 2009 10:11 AM

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